Friday, 12 April 2013

Network Management Basics

Operational Tasks:

Following basic operational tasks are performed by network management system:

Protection :
Protection switching takes place within milliseconds ( sub 50 ms) & hence Circuit recovery in milliseconds ( failure should not be detected by voice customers)
By doing manual configuration, circuit recovery achieved in seconds or
Allocation of capacity to preferred routes (according to certain time schedules)
Moving traffic from unfilled bearers onto fewer bearers to reduce waste trunk capacity
Sorting of different traffic types from mixed payloads into separate destinations for each type of traffic.

OAM Functions and Layers

Level 1 - Regenerator Section: Loss of synchronization, signal quality degradation
Level 2 - Multiplex Section : Loss of frame synchronization, degraded error performance
Level 3 – Path : Assembly and disassembly, cell delineation control.

Data Communication Channel (DCC)

DCC is a in-band channel to facilitate communication between all Network Elements (NE) in a network. This facilitates remote login, alarms reporting, software download, provisioning 


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  3. Shankar, you are mixing data-plane, management-plane and control-plane functionalities. This is very confusing.